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for all of your photography needs

In order to get the most from your photos, we need you to do a few things. The most important thing is that the property is clean and tidy. Pay special attention to reflective surfaces like tables and mirrors, and make sure no smudges or fingerprints are present. Also make sure windows are clean inside and out.

If a property is not ready to photograph, the shoot will need to be rescheduled. There is a $100 charge for rescheduling.

  • If the unit is occupied, the residents should be notified and prepared for the photoshoot. Personal items should be put away in closed closets and vehicles should not be in the driveway.
  • All lights need to be working. Make sure there are spare bulbs in the unit in case a light burns out before the shoot. If possible, similar bulbs should be used in all light fixtures. Mixing incandescent, LED, and CFL bulbs can produce color casts that are difficult or impossible to correct in post. 
  • All linens, pillow cases, and curtains should be neatly pressed or steamed. Wrinkles can have a surprisingly distracting look in professional photos. 
  • Double check that window treatments are in good working order. Blinds and curtains should be left open, and the photographer will close them if needed. Windows need to be carefully cleaned, especially if there is a view. Streaks and dirt on either side of the window will show up in photos. The same is true for any mirrors.
  • Property should be free of clutter and seasonal decorations. Anything that can date the property like newspapers, magazines, or calendars should be placed out of view. Quality photography should last years as long as there aren’t material dating the photos. Less is more, when it comes to clutter. Remove all magazines, extra linens, brochures, food, etc… Leave appliances like coffee makers out, but utensils, soap, paper towels, TV remotes, etc… should be put away.
  • Lastly, please let us know if there is anything that is a particular selling feature about this property that you would like some extra focus on. Examples would be unique fireplaces, views, kitchen features, hot tubs, etc….

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